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300 Blackout 200gr Subsonic REX, SBR

300 Blackout 200gr Subsonic REX, SBR

Optimized for use in SBR platforms.


Ideal for hunting a wide range of game. The bullets are made from 100% copper and CNC machined for exacting standards by Maker Bullets. The Maker REX (Rapid Expansion) bullets are precision cnc machined, lead free, solid copper expanding projectiles with a polymer tip for improved ballistics coefficient. REX projectiles expand to nearly 3 times the original diameter while maintaining nearly 100% of its original weight.  Each REX projectile has been engineered to perform in a given velocity range to provide unparalleled performance across a wide variety of calibers and weapons platforms.

  • Brass

    Remanufatured. Same headstamp.

  • Bullet

    200gr REX

  • Velocity

    1,025 FPS

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